Workplace Injures (WSIB)

Injury or illness reporting at WSIB. For Ontarians affected by a workplace injury or illness, we’re here to provide the resources and support that workers need to help them recover and safely return to work.

Benefits of Workplace Injures (WSIB)

Benefit for loss-of-earnings

If you miss time from work because of a work-related injury or illness we may pay for your loss of wages.

Health-care benefits

If you need help with your recovery, we can provide benefits for treatment, medical devices, equipment and supplies, and prescription drugs.

Survivor benefits

If you are the spouse or dependent of a person who died as a result of a workplace injury or illness you can claim survivor benefits.

Benefit for non-economic loss

You may be eligible for this benefit if your work-related injury or illness causes you to have a permanent impairment.

Help to return to work

If you need support to get back to work, we can provide services and build a customized return-to-work plan that is right for you.

Services for injured people:

If you are seriously injured on the job we can provide you with specialized services to help you recover and improve your quality of life.

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