Psychotherapists work with clients who are affected by difficulties such as depression, phobias, stress, anxiety, emotional and relationship problems, physical or psychosomatic disorders and behavioural problems. … carrying out hypno-psychotherapy. helping clients to understand and address their inner conflicts.

Benefits of psychotherapist

Corns and calluses

Physiotherapy helps in reducing pain, swelling and inflammation.

Athletes foot

Correcting posture helps in relieving pain from neck and back.

Dry and cracked heels

Physiotherapy helps in improving coordination in various conditions like Parkinson’s , multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy

Ingrowning toenail

Physiotherapy strengthen the muscles which help in controlling pain

Fungal nail infections

Respiratory function- breathing exercises, limb physiotherapy and chest physiotherapy helps improving cardio-respiratory function.

Flat feet

Knee replacements, hip replacements, kidney transplant and other surgeries.

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